What are the best manifestation techniques?

Manifestation Techniques are always being utilized in our daily lives. We are constantly witnessing manifestations and our techniques are spot on already… what is not spot-on is our awareness. To manifest all day and night unconsciously is to allow everything ever thought, assumed, learned, and believed throughout every moment of this life, to make all your creating choices. Yes, our subconscious programming makes all our life creating choices without our two cents, and we are the creators! The subconscious mind is merely our helper, not the creator, we are. But if we forget to breathe consciously our subconscious helper gets it done without us ever even realizing it…we just breathe. The subconscious mind has those manifesting techniques down to a ‘science’. But how is it programmed, and how good of a job is it doing getting life right for you? The first manifestation technique would certainly need to be something regarding awareness of what your subconscious has been programmed to believe. Whatever that is, all your choices will be made from that programming.

If you believe you will be poor forever somewhere programmed deep down in your subconscious mind, then your mind will focus on and create just the right situations to make what you believe becomes a truth. You will find yourself sabotaging good opportunities, etc. If your subconscious mind has grabbed hold of a belief that you are not lucky. It will keep from winning, distract, sabotage. Its manifestation techniques tend to be spot on. But conscious manifestation techniques would include realizing that limiting belief of not being lucky is there, and then challenging its truth again and again until it changes. But if we don’t see it, it just keeps creating.

When we are not paying attention to what we are creating or that we can at all, our subconscious mind takes the ball and basically keeps running us in a circle. Groundhog Day again and again until we stop it and take the wheel, we should have had the whole time. We just let it happen in our consciousness because most people think they have no choices. People think things simply happen to them, they cannot or do not see how they, unconsciously, are creating everything in their experience. They are using techniques to manifest life unconsciously.

But conscious manifestation techniques allow us to take back our rightful place as creators of our life experience. If we no longer want our misprogrammed subconscious mind to create our experience, and instead we would rather do it, then we start with self-awareness.

The greatest conscious manifestation technique is to pay attention to yourself. Be conscious of your thoughts and emotions. Watch and understand what your deepest beliefs truly are regarding yourself, others, and the world. What have you been programmed to believe? Understand and see what you have always created. Understand and see what you have believed that creates it. Armed with the greatest knowledge imaginable that is yourself, choose a new truth, think of it, imagine it, feel it until you can believe. Consciously use your manifestation techniques.