Understanding the Law of Attraction and how it effects you

Understanding how the universe works is not a necessary thing. All you should understand is that we are made up of energy that is constantly vibrating and moving. Or vibrations frequencies are determined by our thoughts, feelings, and moods. They are sent out into the universe in messages to which the universe responds too. In essence, we bring on ourselves what we attract in life by what we send out.

Three things to remember are:

1. We don’t need to create any material to get attract our desires or goals. We in concept borrow what is already out there in the universe.

2. We are constantly sending out energy in different frequencies into the universe. Like a radio that never turns off. The energy is molded for us by the frequencies we send out into the universe.

3. The molding of energy is automatic. We need not worry about it or need to understand it. It is a natural occurrence a reaction to our frequencies or messages.

The very things that produce the frequencies are the very thing you are doing now…thinking! Your thoughts are what put out the degree of power that the universe uses to determine the message. Your thoughts are the magnets that attract your desires and goals.

If you are looking to attract a vehicle or home then you need to send out the frequency for that exact thing and it will attract you. We don’t have to understand how the frequencies are converted into our desires we only need the frequency. The most important part is ensuring that your thoughts are in the direction of what you believe.

If you believe you are poor you will have a hard time making money so it is important to think about wealth if that is what we desire. By learning to change what you truly believe on a subconscious level then you can change what you receive from the universe.

In essence, the energy of the universe responds to our thoughts and vibrations. If you intend to become rich or wealthy you must think wealthy and you can attract your desires to you. If you are not honest with yourself the universe will be honest with you! It may not show it but you will see the energy and results you get back. You can also block what you are meant to receive by locking the receiving energy out.

Many lose out on their desire because they don’t believe or they are stuck in the past which brings the same messages and gets the same undesired results. Learning to focus and think about current events and the things you can change will help you change the cycle before you. Letting it in means letting go of the past and we all sometimes can listen to that. The vibrations and frequencies you send out are up to you. Changing the things you are looking for and truly want will change that which you receive!