The fundamentals of the Law of Attraction

While the majority of us have learned that we live a routine, machine-like existence, recent scientific thought (in non-linear mathematics, chaos theory, quantum physics, and so on) corroborates that we operate akin to magnets & radio transmitters rather than machines.

Notwithstanding what our very eyes would want us to accept as true, nothing ever remains motionless. Chairs, walls, and also rocks are made of electrons that move at an amazing pace. The movement’s (vibration’s) speed establishes if something will be observable (vibrations that are slow-moving = matter) or not observable (vibrations that are fast-moving = x-rays, sound, light, etc.) While you may think of yourself as being a rock-hard mass passing through space and time, in actuality you are an energy field that vibrates at several diverse frequencies and emits energetic communications constantly.

Every idea, emotion, deed, and statement we convey transmits a pulse and that pulse draws other similar pulses. Several people take this principle to be the Law of Attraction. Similar to how the Law of Gravity describes the way physical matter tends to be attracted to the earth’s magnetic field, the Law of Attraction describes the way energy fields of like pulses will be attracted (magnetized) together.

Spelled out in basic terms, the Law of Attraction promises “like appeals to like.” Since the Law of Attraction manages the whole affair (even when we are unaware of it) in every instant, we draw towards us depending on the pulses that we give out. Now the query is: is this magnetism being carried out deliberately or are you executing it unknowingly?

Magnetizing unintentionally is similar to emitting an assortment of energy indicators – some linked to experiences, which you desire and some linked to experiences that are unwelcome – and then getting in return an apparently indiscriminate blend of sought-after and unwanted outcomes. When you get to grasp the way Universal laws function, you can avail of them to intentionally invite the things you desire.

Three ways to the intentional formation

Since similar energies are drawn together, the secret to inviting into your life a fresh sought-after experience is to emit energy as though this already is the reality of your present experience.

Plus, since the Universe (as also your unconscious psyche) is unable to distinguish between energy emitting outward in reaction to real-life conditions and energy given out in reaction to stunning imagery, by visualizing yourself disseminating energy from an area of real success, you will be taking yourself into vibrational accord with a rise in your “true world” success. Intentional Formation comprises a three-way process:

1. You “request”
2. The cosmos reacts
3. You pick up Sound

Clear-cut? It certainly is – unless, we “ruin our own chances.” Now it is not possible to wreck the first step. We are always requesting (if not by articulating it, positively with our pulses.) At each instant that we undergo a life experience and we reply with a “yes, an extra dose of that” or with a “no, certainly not that,” we drive our desire into the Cosmos. And the 2nd step is assured.

The cosmos is well structured, completely foreseeable, and its laws certainly are extremely steady. Therefore if the first and second steps take place smoothly, why is it that a number of us have undergone the experience of requesting things that did not come to pass? The solution is: to hold “step 3″ responsible. We receive maximum difficulty from Step 3.

You know, you are always requesting and the cosmos is always replying – however, if you don’t have faith that what you desire is coming to you, you probably may not allow it to enter. This absence of faith in combination with our mental dearth is the basis of the old example of “human beings disconnected from the stream of universal power.” As we think of ourselves being disconnected from the energy stream, we are jamming the Cosmos’ ability to make good our desires.