The energy of gratitude

The energy of receiving and the energy of gratitude go hand-in-hand, so naturally, gratitude is necessary with the Law of Attraction.

As you begin to receive your desires, you are going to want to put in the effort toward expressing gratitude for having received them. In fact, the level at which you receive is fairly even to the level of gratitude you can honestly express for what you have received.

This means that the more you become familiar with the energy of gratitude and the more that you can genuinely feel gratitude, the more you are going to be able to receive. Getting into the energy of gratitude when you are manifesting is an essential part of fully receiving what it is that you desire and maintaining it in your life.

The secret to gratitude is that you do not have to wait for something to happen in order for you to express gratitude. You will likely also find that as you continue to express gratitude, you find yourself being able to express gratitude at deeper and deeper levels. This way, you can continue receiving more and more of what you desire.

The other secret about gratitude is that it’s universal

The gratitude that you express for receiving an influx of cash will be the same type of gratitude that you express for receiving the love of your life or a free cup of coffee.

Although the levels of gratitude may vary, the depth of it and the energy of it will always be the same. And, eventually, you will come to realize that everything is as deeply flattering and blessed, although the level of priority that it has in your life may vary.

A great way to begin to experience the energy of gratitude and express it in your life right now so that you can open up your level of gratitude is through gratitude lists.

Gratitude lists are a tool that must be used appropriately to work yet using them properly can help you really dig into increasing your ability to feel gratitude.

A gratitude list is essentially a daily list that you keep where you write what you are grateful for on it. On this list, anything goes. And I mean anything.

You can express gratitude for your family, your hair, the air you breathe, and the leaves on a plant you were walking past last Tuesday. You can literally express gratitude for anything.

The key is that after writing down what you are grateful for, you pause and actually feel the gratitude.

Give yourself a moment to let that gratitude flood through you and to really identify what gratitude feels like. Do not just write it and acknowledge a small amount of gratitude for it. Acknowledge it and feel as much gratitude as you really can. I mean feel into it to the point where you have gone as deep as you truly feel you can with that gratitude for that experience.

Then go on to the next one

Because of the depth of this practice, it is important to understand that the quantity does not need to supersede the quality. You can easily develop the ability to feel deeper levels of gratitude simply by doing three or four things that you are grateful for per day. As long as you can really feel into and express gratitude for those things, you are making the most out of this practice.

In addition to expressing gratitude for what has already come, you can express gratitude for what is coming. Now, many Law of Attraction guides will advocate for “act as if” and I agree.

However, it is also important to act according to your reality. Right now, in your life, because of your open-mindedness and your focus, you can feel confident that you are receiving your desires. What you are attracting into your life is happening.

So, it is perfectly acceptable to express gratitude for the experience of knowing that it is happening and for being able to receive the journey from conceiving the desire to manifesting it.

For some people, working in alignment with what is really happening right now, rather than working proactively with what will happen is more tangible.

What I mean is: if you were to write “thank you so much for allowing me to receive $5,000 cash!” your brain may think “except I didn’t” which would begin to flood you with doubt.

At this point, because you do not yet have the cash, your mind may switch to “closed” because you know that this is not yet true. Switching to the realistic one by saying “thank you so much for allowing me to receive the journey of manifesting $5,000 cash!” may be more helpful for you.

In this way, you can agree that you are on this journey and that you are grateful for it. As a result, gratitude feels real, genuine, and pure. As well, you do not begin to reject the truth because you are not lying to yourself.

This can help you expand your gratitude and your mind, keeping you on track with what you are manifesting and helping you stay aligned with it, too. Lastly, it is important that you express gratitude upon receiving your desire, too.

Expressing gratitude upon receiving your desire allows you to continue staying in the energy of receiving. It also helps you feel positive and genuinely grateful for receiving, which helps you feel better in general.

As well, gratitude is just a positive thing to do, and it is always worth the energetic investment of expressing and holding gratitude for the wonderful things that happen in your life.