Practicing the Law of Attraction

Sit back and relax. Calm your mind by focusing on a single object. Something that interests you is best. Once you are relaxed and focused, imagine that you have all the money that you will ever need and want. Imagine that you have everything you need. You will never have the need to want desperately again.

Life is just perfect the way that it is. Imagine that you are with those people that you love. Everyone is happy and having a good time; smiling, laughing, cheering, and enjoying your company. You are spending your life in perfect peace and harmony. You are doing exactly as you have planned and always wanted. Life could not be better.

Now think about all of the good aspects of your life right now. Say a little thank you and take a moment to appreciate every little goal that you have achieved. Even the smallest achievement can be appreciated. Embrace the feeling of appreciation by concentrating on all of the great things that are in your life. The law of attraction is working for you in more ways than you know.

Now think of something that you would like to happen. Think of it as already happening. The law of attraction knows no boundaries so be extravagant. Think of how happy you are because you have achieved what you want. Think about how proud you are at making this happen. Maybe someone commends you for having something beautiful. Praise is a wonderful gift. Sit back and appreciate the beauty of getting what you have worked for.

It is time to say thanks for having such a great fantasy. Thank yourself, the law of attraction, or anything else that you want. You do not need to know that the law of attraction is working for you, it just is. You can choose to thank the law of attraction for working for you, or simply give thanks to the law of attraction for giving you a moment of pleasant fantasy. It will work for you either way.

Now go on about your daily business with the knowledge that you have benefited from your meditation. Know that by putting out such positive energy you have made life better. Life is better with desire. Life is better with fantasies fulfilled. Your mind has experienced something extremely beneficial. It is ok to smile. Life is silly sometimes so it is ok to laugh.

Realize that a great majority of people go through their days with a myriad of thoughts passing through their minds. Most people do not pay much attention to these thoughts. Practicing this little exercise for the law of attraction will automatically bring many of those thoughts into awareness. Many of these thoughts will be negative; it is just the way that we are programmed from the start.

However, you have an advantage. You know that you will not get discouraged when you think of several positive arguments against every negative thought. Writing them down is even better. Come up with at least 5 different positive aspects to every 1 negative aspect.

This entire exercise can be practiced in as little as 10 minutes. It does not have to belong. Make it as long as you feel comfortable. Positive affirmations can be practiced throughout the day. When you practice this everyday you will notice what a positive change it has on your life. You cannot help but notice the wonderful change.

Remember to take some time and really figure out what it is that you want. Starting off with less detrimental things is always best. Once you practice and begin seeing the results of having the law of attraction work for you; you will gain the confidence in using it in all of your everyday affairs.

You may not even know what you want. A great majority of the population does not. We are programmed at a very young age to not want what we cannot have. The universe is abundant and has plenty to go around. So take some time everyday and write down your goals. Spend a good amount of time searching for your innermost desires.

Mastering the secret to the law of attraction just takes practice. You will master it when you practice every day. You will see it working wonders in your life. You will put positive energy out and receive positive energy back. You will be the master of your destiny.