Law of Attraction: your language matters

When it comes to calling in your desires, know that the language that you use to talk about your desires matters.

Many people in the Law of Attraction world often preach that you should never emit the energy of doubt or fear into your desires. Doing so may result in you completely screwing up your manifestation and never receiving what you desired.

Can you imagine what this “rule” does to people when they inevitably experience doubt?

It literally feeds more doubt into their energy, to the point of sabotage

The truth is: having doubt, fears, or any “negativity” around your desires is not detrimental to your Law of Attraction experiences.

The way you perceive those natural doubts, fears, and bouts of negativity can be, though.

In this world, our mind can be in one of two states: opened, or closed. That is what truly matters when it comes to manifesting something into reality.

If your mind is closed, then the moment you begin to feel doubt or fear around your desires not manifesting, you believe that there is no other way. You decide that this is the only possible outcome and that you will never be able to change it.

When well-meaning bloggers tell you that this energy will surely destroy your results, this only further closes your mind. At that point, you are manifesting “no other way except failure” because that is the exact energy that you are putting out.

However, when your mind is open, you begin to believe that there may be another way. Your thoughts are more like “I doubt this will happen, but I am willing to believe that there is a way to make it possible.” This openness at the end of your belief is key, as this is where the opportunity for something special to happen comes in.

This way, your focus is on “believing that there is a way to make it possible” instead of doubt. See, with manifesting anything, doubt is going to happen; especially since the Law of Attraction has been revered as some magical spell casting ritual that we can do to literally make our desires happen, like, yesterday.

And human conditioning has led us to believe that magic is impossible. As a result: we believe that magic is impossible, and therefore the Law of Attraction must be faulty.

Because of this conditioning and societal belief system, any time you set out to manifest something (even when you are an expert at it!) you are going to feel some level of doubt. You may think that this time it is not going to work, or that your luck has run out, or that it was just a fluke last time.

Any number of totally normal thoughts may flood in when someone tries to create real-life magic in their reality. The key here is being willing to acknowledge that this doubt and fear exists and that despite these feelings existing there can still be a way for your manifestation to actually, you know, manifest.

This way, you can keep your mind open rather than closed, which keeps you open to receiving what you desire. Knowing this, it is important that you begin to carefully monitor your inner and outer dialogue.

Be very intentional about acknowledging your fears and doubts in a way that helps you frame your perspective as being one associated with an open mind.

Speak as if your doubts are just a feeling and that your desires are still possible, despite you feeling doubtful or fearful.

Because they are!

The more that you speak this way both in your mind and in your verbal language with others, the more you are actually going to wire your brain to be open.

This type of language being repeated or affirmed to yourself encourages your brain to begin to cultivate neural pathways that are commonly seen in a growth mindset. Or, in lay terms, an open mind. That’s right… you are literally rewiring your brain to the frequency of your attractions through your language!

Now, I want to take a moment right now to acknowledge that changing your dialogue can be quite a challenge. If you are someone who is pretty set in their ways in terms of how you speak and think, it is going to take some practice for you to switch to open-minded language.

It is also going to take a while for you to lock into the energy of the open-minded language. At first, the energy of your open-mindedness may feel foreign. Even if you are generally an open-minded person, opening your mind to this degree may be a little overwhelming to the point that you have a hard time holding it this open.

For that reason, just like with the energy of your desires, you may have a tough time really “knowing” this energy at first. It may be challenging for you to receive.

However, the longer you continue to speak with an open-minded dialogue to such a large degree, the more you are going to understand this energy. Before you know it, you will be fully fluent in this energy, and receiving it will be far easier.

As a result, your own language will stop feeling so foreign and you will start deeply owning the energy of having such an open mind. Through that, you will begin to make massive shifts in the frequency that you are tuned into so that you can get closer and closer to the broadcast of your dreams.

Once you reach this point, the big key is keeping that frequency going. You will need to continue nourishing the frequency that you are holding within you so that you can continue to rise to and lock in at the frequency of your desires.