Law of Attraction: what no one ever tells you

The Law of Attraction has been popular for some time, and for that reason, it has been talked about a lot.

Yet, despite how much it has been talked about, there are still some major pieces of information that are frequently missing from the books and blogs. The way the Law of Attraction has commonly been described is as it being a “magical new way for people to command their lives by declaring what they want and affirming it over and over and over and over and over again until it happens!!!!”

Which, I guess is kind of true…What is actually happening is that at the moment you declare or affirm something, you are switching your vibration to match it.

Your actual energetic vibration that exists within your body is being adjusted, which results in you matching the energetic vibration of that which you desire.

See, science has proven that we all have energy within us. In fact, the entire world does. Beyond that, our energy exists within us and is emitted out of us. We have a huge reach of energy that we cast off through our heart area toward the world around us.

That is how we can “feel” if someone is safe or not. Or if we know them, or if we can have a deep connection with them. Really, it is a huge element of how we gauge people.

At the core of it: that is where your “gut feeling” comes from about people and situations.
It is this very energy that your intuition picks up on and “reads” so that it can feed information into your mind, depending on what you are surrounded by. In addition to being read by others, the energy that you are outputting can also align you with what it is that you desire in life.

Think about this energy as a radio frequency. If a radio station is outputting their station at a certain frequency and you dial your radio station into that frequency, an alignment happens. The connection between them broadcasting at the right frequency and you receiving at the right frequency is aligned, and now you can hear their station.

The same thing happens with the Law of Attraction and the energy that you are broadcasting, as well as the results that you are receiving back. When you adjust your broadcast through things like intentions, affirmations, and inspired actions, you adjust your own frequency to “receive” the frequency that your dreams are broadcasting.

You already know that you are capable of receiving these broadcasts into your “hardware,” or your reality, because of the very fact that you have been having these dreams.

The fact that they are even in your awareness, to begin with, proves that they are something you are capable of achieving. Sort of like how even when you tune away from a radio station, you simply stop receiving the broadcast. Your radio hardware is still aware of the existence of that station. It simply is not tuned to it at this time.

When you are ultimately engaging in the very simple and straightforward task of tuning yourself to the frequency that your dreams are broadcasting so that you can receive them, as long as you continue keeping the frequencies tuned, you will continue manifesting with ease.

So, then, it is not about how many times you can say the affirmation or how many times you write about it in your journal. The real secret behind the Law of Attraction is tuning into the energy of what you want and holding that energy long enough to receive your desires.