Law of Attraction and meditation

Consciously using the Law of Attraction to create your physical experience requires self-awareness. Self-awareness is greatly increased during purposed meditations. We are often found meditating. And what we meditate upon is what our awareness is focused on. We meditate on the things we worry about; we meditate on impending doom; we meditate on how something will hurt or help us. What is meditation anyway, and what kind of meditation is best for the Law of attraction?

Meditating is simply awareness or listening to self without engaging; it is shutting up and becoming aware of what pops through your head while sitting or lying in an environment with little distraction. Noticing the thought patterns and beliefs which bring them up helps us know what is working for and against us.

When you notice a thought starting, watching it and then letting it keep on going without engaging at all is meditating. Thoughts that pop into your head will not continue if you do not engage with them. An example could be. Am I breathing right? Oh stop, I am supposed to be meditating, I am breathing just fine. Am I breathing right? I feel out of breath. I need to sit up differently, is that my back hurting? And on and on. Now you have stopped your meditation practice and taken the hand of the thought until it took you right out. We watch, we do not add to the thoughts. We do not judge them except as information for more effective conscious creation. Watching and listening tell us so very much about what beliefs and recurring thoughts keep us from whatever it is we want. Once we know, we have power. The only way to know is to listen, become aware, and allow without criticism, judgment, or exasperation.

While practicing the Law of Attraction, this type of meditation will greatly help you see yourself. The more we know about our subconscious programming, the more power we have over its invisible sabotaging. If we can see this, we can prevail over all that ties and binds unconsciously. Meditation will help you see where your light of consciousness (what you pay attention to and continue to create) is focused. How can we consciously create life when we do not know where our awareness is focused?

Practicing consciously creating with the Law of Attraction requires meditation. The art of controlling our vibration starts with the art of controlling our body, our mind. And our attention.