Law of Attraction and Love

The Law of Attraction is a name someone invented to try to explain how the vibration of life attracts the like vibrations of life. This includes experiences and also people. If you fall in love, the Law of attraction has assisted you in attracting the one you feel you love. If you fall in love and then start feeling pain, rejection, betrayal, and dissatisfaction, you should know that you have attracted this into your experience.

Attracting Love with the Law of Attraction, or with our variety of vibrations is not hard. We simply have to be. But attracting healthy love, love that is not toxic and injury could take some conscious awareness of self. It could require an altering of your own vibration.

How do we attract healthy love using the Law of Attraction? We change our vibration. How do we change our vibration? We guard.

The writing on the Law of Attraction and love may not mention our guarding responsibility, but it is so very important. People tend to see something they are attracted to (depending on their own vibration) and want it badly. They often set down their guarding consciousness and allow their vibration to attract what they think they want. Love relationships are the same. If we vibrate needy, meaning we feel we need a significant other to be OK. We will attract someone who keeps us feeling needy, not one who cures the feeling of need. If our vibration is unworthy, we will attract one who seems to cure that feeling for us, but eventually, that connection will make us feel even more of how we vibrate, unworthy.

Guard your own heart, your own mind, your own thoughts. Love and the Law of Attraction is not something to casually allow to run on autopilot. Notice how you think of yourself. Then remember, this is how you will vibrate. If you think you are worthy, another who also thinks they are worthy will come along. The two of you can both love one another freely because there is no vibration of being unworthy, unseen, Needy, etc.

To attract healthy love using the Law of Attraction, you must first learn to love yourself. You must vibrate I am blessed, I am loved, I am seen, I allow, and I am worthy. We can easily do this by listening to our own thoughts and self-talk. If what we hear is not what we would want a lover to feel about us or about themselves, we know to consciously change those thoughts.

Once we can look at ourselves in the mirror and say, ‘I am loved, I am worth love, I am whole, I am in need of nothing, I choose love in my life, then and only then will the Law of Attraction send us where we truly desire to go, into a nontoxic, fulfilling, and healthy relationship or ‘love’.