Law of Attraction 101

Ok, so if the law of attraction is so simple how come more people aren’t doing it?

Well actually they are, or to be more accurate we all are and all the time. It doesn’t matter whether or not we choose to use the law of attraction because it’s operating constantly. The only thing that matters is if we choose to use it consciously to bring into our lives the things we truly desire or whether we just let ourselves be blown about by whatever is blowing through our minds the most.

Now I’m guessing here but I think you would prefer to have more of the things you really want instead of just letting yourself drift along. And if that is the case then let’s get the basics out of the way and you can get started.

First off you have to know what you want. Ok, I know it sounds simple but if you really wanted whatever it is why haven’t you got it already? The chances are you’ve never really sat down and thought about what you truly desire, not what you would quite like, not what you wouldn’t mind but what you truly desire.

Right the easiest way to find out what you really want is to start by making a list of what you don’t want. I know, I know it sounds crazy but for most people, they’ve spent their lives going on and on about how they don’t like their job, how they don’t want to be in debt, how they can never find the right relationship, etc. and if you’re one of these people you’re going to find it easier to just make a list of these don’t want’s and then turn them around 180 degrees to find out what you do want. Simple eh?

Now you’ve found out what it is that you do want to spend some time asking yourself “is it truly what I want?”. Never Skip This Step because it sounds Very Easy. If you don’t deeply and completely desire something I’ll tell you now you’re unlikely to get it. Why? Because you’re very likely to lose interest in it after a couple of days and not hold it in your mind as a constant desire. Remember it’s what we are holding as our constant thoughts that we actually get in our lives.

Have you got your truly desired goal in mind? Good! Now you need to start linking some feel to it. Let’s say for example you’ve chosen a new car. Now it’s important that you don’t just say you want a new car. If you truly desire something it will be very specific, it will be much more a case of desiring a particular type of car and wanting it to be brand new rather than just new to you. For the sake of this example let’s say you have chosen a Porsche Boxster 3.2S in silver, with a leather interior and all the trimmings such as sat.nav, cd multi-changer, etc.

To attach some deep feelings to it you need to visualize how it will feel when you sit in it, what you will see in front of you on the dashboard, what the leather trim will smell of, the noise of the exhaust note as you accelerate down the road, the sound of that great cd player playing your favorite music. Ok, you get the idea I’m sure. The more of these feelings you can bring to mind the more effective you will be in bringing them quickly into your reality.

A great way to really capture the sights, sounds, feel, smell, and a touch of something is to experience it for yourself. So in this example, the best thing to do would be to ring your local Porsche dealership and make an appointment for a test drive. Actually, take one out on the road, make sure you tell them you’re wanting to test drive the 3.2S and that you want to actually be able to see a silver one. Get a brochure to take home as well because you’re going to need some pictures in a minute. If you can, get a picture of yourself actually sitting in the car to really deepen the link in your imagery.

When you get back from the test drive spend some time looking into your memory of how good it felt to drive the car then sit down and create a “treasure map” of images of the car. Try to find as many different pictures that sum up the experience as you can. Try going to the Porsche website if you can’t find enough.

At least twice a day, and preferably much more, sit down and visualize all the things that make you desire this car. Think back to the test drive. Look at your imageboard while you recall the sounds, smells, touch, etc.

A great way to do this visualization is to build it into a movie or screensaver that you can watch on your computer and back it up with an incredible piece of music that really inspires you. I’ll be creating a video tutorial showing you how to do this in the coming weeks.

Just keep on doing your visualizations and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can manifest with the law of attraction.