How to use the Law of Attraction on a subconscious level

Holiday – Just a day away!

I’m exceptionally pleased to say, I’m going on holiday to the Dominican Republic with my gorgeous girlfriend tomorrow. We booked it about 3 months ago and tomorrow’s the day so I won’t be posting anything for the next couple of weeks, leave me any comments you want and I’ll get back to you on my return!

I just want to talk about how my life has changed since 2013 started. What’s different this year from any other year? I’m believing more and more in the laws of the universe. Seriously, some of the stuff I see happen on a daily basis nowadays is literally insane! I would be insane to think that these laws don’t exist when they continuously prove themselves to me on a daily basis!

So this year so far:

  • I’m now with my lovely girlfriend Laura.
  • Going on holiday to the Dominican Republic tomorrow.
  • Got another pay rise this week (my 4th pay increase in 3 years!)
  • Bought a 46″ LED Smart TV 
  • Started my own business online (although I’m yet to make my first sale)

My life is going amazingly well at the minute, and it’s all the result of knowing about the law of attraction and putting in a little effort to help things get to me quicker!

What am I doing differently?

I’ve started to figure out how to use my subconscious to get what I want with the law of attraction! That’s it! I got tired of asking for things on a conscious level, and so began playing with it on a subconscious level and the difference is phenomenal! 

Don’t get me wrong, the conscious side of things still works well, there will be people using it more effectively than myself, but on a subconscious level, I’m starting to get this thing working!

How to use the Law of Attraction on a subconscious level

Aside from ‘knowing’ what you want and when it will arrive, you need to literally visualize exactly what you want. Like everything, it gets easier with practice. But I’m finding, that the things that come to me most are the things I either ‘accidentally’ think about, or the tiny little thoughts I have on a day-to-day basis.

The best way to test whether this is working for you is to try and get when you want. Then try to get it again the next day! So, if you tested it by getting someone to make you a hot drink when in normal circumstances they wouldn’t, get them to do it again the next day! Seriously, it’s just practice!

I genuinely feel sorry for the people that have discovered the law of attraction (and other laws) and then stopped believing. It’s more powerful than gravity itself and could probably be used for some supernatural things eventually! There is an infinite number of possibilities for these laws and as long as you keep trying, you’ll have what you want in no time!