How can you live the Law of Attraction?

Living the Law of Attraction

How can you live the law of attraction? If you’ve watched The Secret and like the idea of the law of attraction you might want to know what is involved in living the law of attraction. We talk about losing the magic of childhood. The situation is more serious than a lost innocence, what has happened is the key to a happy successful life has been stolen from us.

Bob Proctor has put together a course called The 11 Forgotten Laws. It is about the law of attraction and how to live it. Bob also lists other supporting laws that work with the law of attraction so that you can produce greater results.

Living the law of attraction is an instinctive thing, it is built into us. The law of attraction is forgotten though because society and a variety of factors teach us to just get by and not reach for our dreams.

Living the Law of Attraction by instinct

When you were young you pretended (visualized) and that caused you to think all about the subject of your vision. These are the first two steps of the law of attraction. The last step is to take action, do something to take you toward the vision. That too is instinctive. In my own life, I loved looking at the books in the school library about radio and electronics. I would check these books out and imagine having these circuits built and all that entailed.

Though my family had no money that I could buy electronic equipment with, soon I was collecting discarded TVs and Radios, sometimes fixing them, but often using the parts to build circuits and devices I read about and had imagined making. While in high school I attracted an uncompleted correspondence course from a family member that provided employment and ultimately led me to a six-figure income before I retired.

This was an instinctive use of the law of attraction. I came to love the idea of an electronics career so much that I visualized and thought about it and attracted everything I needed to bring it about. I loved it and I took action.

Retraining for living the Law of Attraction

Visualize, gather ideas, take action… these steps are the law of attraction. Somehow these steps are stolen from us in school, by TV, by negative attitudes that surround and you must get back there: you must come to a state of belief. Bob Proctor teaches you how to focus on the law, he teaches you to truly live the law of attraction in the 11 Forgotten Laws course.