Understanding the Law of Attraction and how it effects you

Hope and faith are necessary parts of the Law of Attraction

True hope is one of the most motivating emotions going for you. I used the word emotions to describe hope, but there is more to hope than that. Hope is a real thing not just an emotion.

Hope is not wishing, often people use the word that way but a true understanding and appreciation of the word will bring power to you that you won’t otherwise have. Often when people give up they say to themselves “I hope things will get better.” Here “hope” is used synonymously with “wish.” Wish carries no power behind it, hope on the other hand in its true sense does have power. I am talking of using hope as a verb where it means to look forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence.

Why should you hope when there is no evidence? This sounds almost like a subject for church, doesn’t it? And when taught correctly in church, hope is an active and real force in your life. Many churches fail to teach the power of such things as hope and faith and wind up putting them in the realm of wishes and fantasy.

Wallace Wattles use of hope and faith

We know that Wallace Wattles had a religious background and if you read The Science of Getting Rich you will see this. But Wattles, correctly, recognizes that hope and faith are not just things for church but are active forces to use in your life. In the same way that he doesn’t use the words “law of attraction,” he doesn’t push hope and faith and yet the precepts are there in every chapter.

Hope and faith

Hope and Faith when used correctly are forces at work in everyone’s life, not just for those who are religious.

Hope and Faith are the same, just like the sun and rain, they are forces in our lives that work for all, for the just and unjust (whatever you consider just and unjust to mean).

Wattles talks about holding your vision of the thing you want in the formless substance, seeing it, visualizing it, to get your emotions into the visions. This brings you into vibration with the thing (or desired outcome) and attracts it to you. Your mind will collect data and at some point, you will know what to do and then you should act.

This “Law of Attraction” is of the same stuff as described by proper use of the terms “faith” and “hope.”

Hope, actively hope, and have faith – a calm assurance, that the things you are looking for, that you are holding in the unseen substance are yours and you have received them. Soon they will catch up to you in the physical world

Use hope and faith everyday in your life by seeing the things inside that you are creating outside in your world.