Growing up, success, and the Law of Attraction

What do you want to be like, who do you want to be, what do you want to do when you grow up?

Make a vision

If you are 55 or 10 or any age you should answer the question, why? The answer can be your vision that you flesh out to use the law of attraction. It can be the vision you use to lead you to success.

Are there qualities of a particular person you’d like to incorporate? Read about that person and see yourself doing those kinds of things, responding successfully as that person might.

See and feel the vision and take action!

Play this vision and add words to it to form a plan. Napoleon Hill gives a formula in Think and Grow Rich. These words you should go over in the morning and before bed to burn them into your mind.

Then – begin to act – ideas will be coming to you about the actions to take and you need to take action.

The whole idea of a vision is to create a burning desire which will sharpen your observation and create the desire to spur you to action. Another part of your job is when disempowering things come along that you manage them. Do whatever it is so you will act and keep acting.

Act NOW – waiting solves nothing

Remember, things won’t be perfect when you start and don’t think of waiting even an hour for things to be a little better. The great Zig Ziglar asks, “do you wait for all the traffic lights to turn green before you leave home for the store?” Of course, you don’t – you’d never get there. It is the same with your dreams and goals.

Run the movie in your mind, replay, and enhance the vision – ideas will come and when you see the ideas you will act on them.

So why grow up? Just keep asking yourself what you want, what, and who you want to be when you do grow up. Asking those questions keeps your mind open to possibilities.

Never give up

Did you know that Colonel Sanders was 65 and trying to figure out how to make it on Social Security when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken? He lived on for many years and saw it become a huge success and saw it make him a great deal of money before he died. KFC started on his idea that the fried chicken recipe he had developed in his roadside restaurant in Corbin Kentucky was worth something.

A thousand people told him no as he traveled town-to-town, often sleeping in his car, trying to find someone to buy a franchise. A thousand said no before he got his first yes.

And so the vision – the idea – the action must be bolstered by cultivating your thoughts so that you too can take some rejection, some knocks, and discomfort as you work toward your success.

Napoleon Hill said it best – that everything you want to accomplish in life has its beginnings in an idea. It’s up to you to keep the idea alive and take action on it.

Growing up means figuring out what it is you want to be and do and it is a realization that it’s more than wishing, you have to do something. But the magic combination of these things will get you anything you want and that is how The Law of Attraction Works.