Desire is the fuel that keeps the Law of Attraction working

What would happen if you were suddenly given the ability to bring more happiness into your life? Do you feel that desire starting to course through your veins? It is your desire that is going to give the law of attraction what it needs to provide you with what you need.

As amazing as it sounds and makes you feel, you can have what you desire. Most of us are told from the beginning that desire is an evil thing to have. We are told that it is just not good for our spiritual health. This simply is not true. The only reason that we even exist is because of desire. Cultivating desire within yourself will bring the laws of attraction under your control. Desire is what keeps us all alive.

What if you could have anything that you desired?

You can. You have the magic within yourself to manifest anything that you want. You have the wondrous ability of creation within yourself. Your soul is the most powerful energy there is. This energy is what fuels your desire that is connected to all things in existence.

It may seem as though I am using desire in two different ways. I am not. Your desire is what makes existence happen. In order to manifest your desires, you must cultivate your power and relationship with them.

This idea that we manifest our desire into reality can be found within all major religions and philosophies. You will not find a single one that does not advocate the cultivation of your potential. It is man that manipulates this idea to suit their needs.

In order to take control of your destiny, you must help yourself. In order to help yourself, you must realize your potential as a divine being. You must strive to reach a higher level of focus and determination.

A great way to manifest your desires is to create a positive feeling deep within yourself. Once this feeling is felt within every pore, visualize your desires as if they have already manifested. This positive feeling intensified with deep desire will make it so.

Visualization is a very effective force in manifesting your desires. When you visualize what you desire in your heart with passionate intent; the law of attraction will make it so.

Often times you evoke this most powerful energy without even knowing that you did it. When you think of something that you want so badly it hurts; you are using your desire to manifest it into your own reality. You may not even realize that you are working with the law of attraction. It is your desire that is attracting to you the opportunities to get what you want. If you can cultivate this ability, you will take an integral part in your own creation.

For whatever reason; we, as human beings, have the amazing ability to create our own realities simply through thought energy alone. Every single idea that makes its way across your mind, every dream that flows through your existence, every single feeling, and every desire is what you use to make your own reality. This is very obvious if you pay attention. Every single one of your thoughts has the potential to mold your reality.

Once we take our thoughts and fuel them with desire we are starting to mold our reality. When we practice this act every day with emotional intent, we will begin to construct our own existence. The more that you believe it, the better you will be able to quickly mold your desires into life.

If you want evidence to support these teachings, you need only look within yourself. What do you focus your intention on every day? What is it that you truly believe deep down? This is your reality. Only you can change it. Once you realize this you will learn to mold your own existence.