Understanding the Law of Attraction and how it effects you

You may have noticed that one of the biggest ways to end the feast and famine of your Law of Attraction experience is through committing regardless of the outcome.

Staying committed, no matter what the best way is to get your desires. Think about it: if you were to quit, what would the surefire answer be?


Let’s say two brothers both set off to become entrepreneurs at the same time. One brother goes for two years, does not see his desired results, and decides to quit and go work for a bank for stability. He works at a bank until he is 65 because it never makes sense to go back to entrepreneurship.

Sure, he has stability and retires young. Yet, he never spent his life doing what he loved so he felt ripped off. Now he feels jaded and too old to go live the life he wanted, and so he lives his life feeling like he cannot make up for the lost time.

The other brother goes on for three years and finally strikes out. After three years of barely making ends meet, he now makes massive cash, and he is doing what he loves. He never truly felt like he worked in his life because he was so passionate about his work, and now that he is successful life is even better.

For him, everything just gets better and better. He grows old, doing what he loves, and feels that he is fully satiated with all that life has to offer him.

What is the difference between the two brothers? Commitment. When you remain committed to your desires, your desires remain committed to you too.

The key to remaining committed is realizing that you do not have the answers.

You are not supposed to have the answers.
You are supposed to have the drive and passion.
Your role in manifesting is to experience.
And on that note: to have the best experience that you can possibly create for yourself.

Every single time

It is the universe’s role to give you the experiences that you need to have to get the desires that you want to manifest. Only the universe has those answers. Not you.

You will be faithfully walked through tests of learning about how you can overcome all of the fears and blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your desires.

You will be driven through experiences that give you the necessary insight to achieve the right frequency and hold it for years to come. You will be shown how to look within yourself to find where your frequencies are not aligned with what you desire so that you can shift your frequency to align.

You will also be taken down fun roads of simple experience and excitement. The answers lie in all of the experiences that you are being granted through the path that you are faithfully walking. All you need to do is make sure that you are continually walking with one foot in front of the other.

If at this point you are wondering, “so how will I know that I am on the right path? Will faith be enough?”

I say yes, faith is enough

However, I know that you are asking that question because, for you, you need a more logical explanation of how to truly know. You want to anchor that confidence in me through a more real and tangible manner.

So, to know if you are on the right path, go back to that check-in with yourself. Meditate, and visualize your own energies. Visualize the energies of your desires.

Ask yourself if you are willingly and faithfully walking toward your desires.
Ask yourself if you are taking the right path there.
Ask yourself if you are taking the easiest path there.

If you hear that you are, you can continue faithfully walking with one foot in front of the other in the direction that you are being guided to walk in.

If you hear that you are not, you need to begin to address the situation. Identify where you are making it a challenge for yourself, find where you are holding your mind closed, and search out the opportunity to open your mind further.

Express gratitude for being shown this information. And lean into the experience of stepping forward with ease and grace. Then, continue checking in with yourself on a daily basis to see if you are successfully doing this.

The more that you continue to check in with yourself and listen to your intuition, the more you are going to be led down the right path. This means that you will get to your desires far faster.

Beyond that, remember to stay committed to doing your part and showing up every single day. You never want to be the story of a person who quite right before they had their breakthrough, or right before they manifested their biggest desire.

Keep going and trust that if the path is taking you longer than you thought it would that this is because you are being shown important lessons along the way. Remember that if you have asked to both receive and keep the desire, and you are presently far away from the desire’s frequency, it is going to take a bit longer to get there.

You will have plenty to learn to help you truly make the manifestation sustainable so that you can receive your desire without entering a state of feast and famine.

Trust in yourself and trust in the universe and have faith that exactly what you desire is coming your way.

Then, just keep walking!