Growing up, success, and the Law of Attraction

Visualization occurs in the posterior area of the brain when you are relaxed at that time. The posterior part of the brain is the most creative side. Creative thinking is revved up by activating your visual sensors. Many scientists are not sure why this area lights up but we do know that in a relaxed state these areas will charge.

Some scientists do believe that certain areas of the brain are turned off to amp the visual part of the brain and in essence, they feed the visual side when living in the moment. This process gives the rest of your brain a rest sort of speak. When you are engrossed in your favorite movie your visual sensors are working overtime and the rest of your brain relaxes or rests.

The irony is the more we worry the less we see. The visual part of the brain is shut down when we constantly worry about doing our brains more harm than good. Our greatest athletes live in the moment with every inch of asphalt that their treads grace is a moment they use to rest.

Many people don’t understand that living for the moment doesn’t mean living recklessly. It merely means “Stopping to smell the roses” enjoying what you have before you and not what is to come. Many see living for the moment as losing your hold on reality. This simply isn’t true understanding that if you do not reach out and engulf yourself in each moment you will not be able to hold on to what is in front of you.

Grasping the moment

Understanding that many people live in the moment like actors, musicians, and directors and the key is to learn to breathe each moment as it is. Looking at a script of words as if they were real; knowing it saying it and feeling it fill you will teach you to become encased at the moment. The actors/actresses though they are playing a movie feel the parts; they become the roles they play. This helps them give you the sense of being there. The surround sound and large screen often help as well.

Do you want to learn how to seize the moment?

Grab a book…read a few lines to yourself or out loud and visualize how the character in that piece is feeling. See the scenery in your head as though you were there…then read it out loud! Listen to yourself, don’t fake it become it. The role is the part that is being played.

Or watch a movie, their expressions, their pain, and their tears. See them imagine them and hear it in their voices. Repeat a touching part and learn it say it with them. Not in a fake unnatural way but as if you mean it as if it were happening to you that very second. Hear the sounds around them. Imagine the smells they are smelling. Know you are there.

Practice this everyday and you will see the change in yourself. You will see the world through wider eyes. It will open up a new world that you would have seen if you just stopped worrying!