A Law of Attraction recipe

Now that you have a solid understanding of what energy is, the energy of your desires, and how you can raise your own energy to match that frequency, let’s get into the recipe!

This “Law of Attraction Recipe” is the upgraded version of the “ask for it, receive it” that seems to be swirling around the Law of Attraction world right now.

Through this recipe, you can literally create the frequency of your desires within you so that you are a match for their broadcast, making you capable of receiving.

The recipe is as follows:

1) Get to know the energy of your desires
2) Identify your personal energy
3) Shift your inner frequency
4) Maintain your inner frequency
5) Receive
6) Monitor your inner frequency

That may seem simple enough, yet I still want to break it down for you because I want this to be as simple as possible.

As you know, knowing the frequency of your desires is important as this is going to help you really get to know the frequency of what you are attracting.

Next, you need to identify your personal energetic frequency. Knowing your own energy is just as important as knowing the energy of your desires, as this is how you can gauge the distance between the two frequencies.

When you know what the distance is between the two frequencies, you can get to understand the two differences and then begin to shift your own so that you can merge with your desires. This is how you are going to clearly identify where you are vibrating significantly differently so that you can learn where to shift your energies. you are and where your desires are.

Knowing this difference helps you begin to heal your own energies so that you can attract your desires into your life.

Next, you need to actually begin shifting your inner frequency. Now, at this point you need to become aware of the fact that you do not want to change who you are; you simply want to become more of your authentic self.

I am willing to bet that if you desire that high frequency of cash income or true love so much then living in the energy of lack is not authentic to who you are. This is something that you have been taught through human conditioning, and you need to shed it so that you can begin to align with what you desire more of.

Next, you need to maintain that inner frequency

Listen, it is super easy to step back into your old ways. People do it with habits all the time! Think about it: someone quits smoking and a few weeks later something stressful happens at work, and before you know it, they are back at it. Or, someone chooses a new diet so that they can have a healthier body, only to switch back to binge eating or eating junk food when they feel stressed or bored with their new diet.

Backtracking is easy because it is familiar, which means it is comfortable even if it is not actually comfortable. The familiarity alone makes it feel safe, which is why you regress. This means that you need to focus your energy on consistently rising into the new frequency and staying there as often as possible and for as long as possible.

This is where affirmations often come in. Assuming that you can create short mantras that hold the energy of your desires in them, you can affirm them to yourself and feel their energy inside to help raise your own frequency.

Once you have truly reached and held the frequency within you, manifesting happens fast.
At that point, all you need to do is keep holding the frequency so that you can continue to receive your desires!

You will likely find that once you begin to receive what you desire, the excitement of it all can be rather overwhelming. Many people quickly reject what they have received because receiving this particular desire is foreign to them, and therefore it is uncomfortable.

In other words, they revert back into old energy patterns and lose the broadcasting station of their desires, so to speak. This is a common phenomenon that occurs. For many people, this happens either as a result of fear or as a result of feelings of unworthiness.

If you are feeling fear, you may be afraid of it being “too easy.” For some people, there is no tangible way to explain why they lost the frequency, beyond the reality that it was “too easy” for them to get what they wanted.

You may be afraid of the fact that magic is real. Or, maybe that old saying “be careful what you wish for” is ringing in your head and you are afraid that what you desire will come with strings attached.

Regardless of what your fear is, you can begin to offset the frequency of fear by choosing to create stability in the energy of your desires. Begin to make their energy more familiar by continually working toward maintaining it in your life, regardless of how fearful you may be of it.

As you continue to do this, the energy of what you desire becomes more familiar in your reality rather than just in your mind which makes it easier for you to feel stable. As a result, you are able to anchor it in and hold onto it in your reality more clearly.

If you are rejecting your desires due to feelings of unworthiness, this is another energy that you need to recognize. For this one, having an open mind is especially important as you need to be willing to find a way beyond your feelings of unworthiness.

For many, unworthiness can be a concrete feeling that is challenging to offset. You may feel that it is absolute, especially if you can easily justify the feeling with memories from your past where someone you respected told you that you were unworthy, or where you hold onto guilt or shame.

For this, be willing to forgive yourself and anyone else who was involved in creating this feeling within you. Then, go ahead and continue working on holding that forgiveness by awarding yourself with the permission to continue holding the frequency of your desires.

Being willing to continue moving forward in this positive way helps you anchor in the forgiveness and the new beliefs about yourself and your past while improving your present and future.