Look, Law of Attraction, this isn’t what I wanted!

According to the Law of Attraction, you will bring into your Life anything you concentrate on – regardless of whether or not you desire it. Hence, while you might not have received what you desired, you did obtain what you requested.

You always receive what you ask for

Now if a waiter serves up something you really have an aversion to, remember that Cosmic Café does not ever mess up an order. You are served exactly what you have asked for. You are not given another’s order by oversight.

Q: Waiter, I detest baked beans. Why do you continuously serve baked beans?
A: I keep serving you baked beans, Sir, since you constantly concentrate on baked beans.

Q: Waiter, I specifically ordered the roast beef and you served me a hamburger.
A: Well, young man, you don’t place an order orally. You place your order through vibrations. If you want roast beef, you must emit roast beef pulsations.

Q: Waiter, why in heavens did you serve me spinach stew when I asked for the escargot?
A: Ma’am, while you state you asked for the escargot, in truth you aren’t sending out escargot pulsations. You are clearly transmitting spinach stew vibrations. Hence, how do you respond when you’re given something you positively do not need? You put in another order. You ask for something you need unambiguously and explicitly and with every ounce of enthusiasm you can dredge up. Then you focus totally on what you actually desire.

Order again

For instance, let’s assume you focus on your dream career and afterward come to know that it calls for considerable traveling, which renders it difficult to strike a balance between the other facets of your life. Not an issue.

Now that you expressly know what you actually require, order again by distinctly concentrating on a career that involves little or no travel. As you concentrate on this wish, either your present job’s travel component will be cut down or you will get another job where the amount of travel is ideally balanced.

Fix your gaze steadily on what you actually desire in order that you transmit a distinct signal instead of an unclear vibration. Dan alleged that he was stunned when laid off from work. Closer examination disclosed that, a few months ago, he had stated – “I detest my job. I want to move on to a more satisfying job.” The Cosmos paid attention to what he said and extracted him from that unhappy situation.

It did not hit him instantly that this was the Law of Attraction’s proof that it was operating on his side, and he was depressed for the next few days. But, before long he realized that now he was at liberty to look for a more rewarding job. Since he was capable of refraining from listening to his pessimistic self-chat and the apprehension-based suggestions of family members asking him

Who will you hold responsible?

If you are unable to grasp that you have brought about an unnecessary situation through your ideas and emotions in your life, then you may seek excuses. You may accuse karma of playing dirty, hold your mom responsible, or curse your ill-fortune.

When you understand that your life happens to be what it is due to the way you channel your feelings – and on account of nothing else – you can grasp the power to shape your fate. When you draw on the Law of Attraction and ask for something clearly and specifically, rest assured the Cosmic Café, without doubt, will dish out to you the most delightful life you could dream of!