Keeping your vibes aligned

At this point, you already have a strong understanding of what energy is and what the energy of your desires are. You also understand what the recipe for Law of Attraction really is, and why knowing that energy was so important.

Now, you need to sharpen your knowledge by learning about how you can not only tune into the frequency but also hold it so that you can continue receiving your desires.

See, for most desires, it is not a one-and-done kind of deal. You do not simply have a lump sum of cash appear in your bank account and then stop desiring cash.

Nor do you have the love of your life appear, only to stop desiring them once they have arrived. Likewise, you would not even want your dream house to become available to you, only to stop desiring it and have someone else buy it.

If you want to receive access to, receive a quantity of, and then continue to receive quantities of your desires, you need to hold the frequency.

Holding the frequency comes from truly knowing what your own frequency is so that you can continue monitoring your own energy on a regular basis. This way, you can continue identifying where your frequency may be “off” from the frequency of your desires so that you can go ahead and make the necessary shifts.

For that reason, we are going to start by helping you get to know your energies. Getting to know your own energies is similar to getting to know the energy of your desires. If you have already done a fair bit of self-development work, chances are you already have a fairly strong understanding of who you are and what your energy is.

However, it never hurts to go deeper

For that reason, you are going to do the exact same visualization practice on getting to know yourself so that you can clearly identify your own energy when needed.

Again, you can start either when you are going to bed so you are already relaxed as you fall asleep. Or, you can start in intentional meditation practice by first deepening your relaxation through simple rhythmic breathing.

Once you have relaxed enough, begin getting to know yourself in the same way that you got to know the energy of your desires. If you want to, you can visualize yourself sitting in a coffee shop across from yourself asking questions so that you can get to know who you are.

Ask yourself any questions that you feel like asking. Ideally, you are going to do this several times throughout your life, perhaps even as a consistent tool in your self-awareness practices. For that reason, do not be afraid of not asking enough questions.

Instead, simply ask everything that comes to mind

As you are doing this, feel into the familiar energies that are arising. Since you already have a solid understanding of who you are based on the fact that, you know, you are you, it should be easier for you to get into this energy and become familiar with it.

With the awareness of this energy in place, ask yourself to remain aware of it even when you come out of your meditative state.

Then, when you do break your meditation, pause for a moment, and become aware of the energy of your own presence right here at this moment. Feel who you are and recognize all of what comes with that.

As you do this meditation, you will really get to know who you truly are. This is a fantastic way to dig deeper into your self-awareness so that you can grow in many different ways.

However, right now we are talking about manifestation and that is exactly what I want to help you master through this level of self-awareness.

Equipped with this knowingness of your own energy, now all you have to do is monitor it.

As you continue to put effort into raising your energy so that your frequency matches that of your desire’s frequency, you will notice that the familiarity never changes. Although your energy evolves, it continues to be one that is familiar to you.

It continues to be you; which means that you can continue to read it so that you can determine whether or not it is evolving in the right way to match the frequency of your desires.

To monitor your frequency, you can do the exact same visualization as you did above

When you do, notice how your energies are shifting and where they are serving your growth. Also, notice where you are still distant from your desires and why this distance or difference in energy still exists.

As you develop that awareness, you can make the adjustments accordingly. For example, if you are searching for a love that is empowered yet you are feeling disempowered, you can begin placing your focus on becoming more empowered.

This way, you can feel confident that you are shifting your frequency into the one that will actually meet what your desire’s frequency is, thus allowing you to successfully manifest it.

This continuous monitoring will also help you ensure that anytime you shift away from or out of the desired frequency, you can quickly shift back. This way, rather than staying far away from your desired path, you only ever experience momentary hiccups in your frequency.