Ditching feast and famine

Many people who step into the world of the Law of Attraction report having a few incredibly positive outcomes with this method, followed by many failures. It is not uncommon to go between feast and famine in the Law of Attraction world by manifesting something amazing, only to find that you cannot do it again.

The reason why this happens is simple to explain it is the cause of disbelief.

When you first read a book or hear about the Law of Attraction, you may doubt it, yet you are curious. You are so curious that this curiosity keeps your mind open and willing to receive a possible path forward.

“How cool would it be if this thing actually works?” you wonder

As you continue applying the rules of the Law of Attraction, you find yourself actually seeing signs that it is working.

And then you receive the biggest sign of all: your desire manifests.
At first, you are super excited.
Then, you switch into the energy of disbelief.

Your brain begins to wonder why it worked, how it worked, and what was in place for it to actually work. You have been told all of your life that magic is not real and that things do not come easily, as you have to work for them. So now that you realize this is all not true, your brain racks itself to find answers.

To believe that this was true would mean discarding several key elements of the reality that you have come to know and rely on. It would be challenging to suddenly realize that a major part of your anchor in reality (the stability that comes with sudden, massive change not being that easy) was not actually real.

So, you begin to find ways to debunk it. You call it a coincidence and you figure it was just pure chance that it worked. Your mind wanders into the thoughts of “it probably would not work again… would it?” At this point, you set out to prove the Law of Attraction right. Except, you are actually setting out to prove it wrong.

Even though on a surface level, you want it to be this easy, on a deep core level, you realize that if it was this easy, everything would change.

First, you would have to acknowledge that all of the suffering in your life was unnecessary. Of course, you would simply forgive yourself upon realizing that you had no idea that it was unnecessary, and it would not matter. But still, the realization would hit, and that may hurt.

Second, you would have to acknowledge that everything you want in life is possible. This means that your continued suffering is not necessary, which would also hurt to believe. With this, you must acknowledge that you are still suffering because of your own beliefs, opinions, values, and behaviors.

Third, you would have to acknowledge that any future suffering is unnecessary, which means if it happens for prolonged periods of time, that is your responsibility. Bearing the weight of that burden may be heavy and scary.

And finally, you would have to acknowledge that maybe you do not actually know what you want. Or, maybe you do yet get it would bring about something scary, like losing some people or letting go of something that has been meaningful to you in your life.

Rather than having to do that, you would prefer to stay where you are and continue suffering without your desires because at this very moment in time that is the more comfortable choice.

These four realizations all lie deeper under the surface when you set out to prove the Law of Attraction “right,” resulting in you actually set out to prove it wrong. This means that the second time you try to do it again, you have less curiosity.

You have more fear, which keeps you wondering a little less. As a result, you are not quite as open-minded as you were the time before. Now, when your results do not happen as fast, you stop believing in the Law of Attraction altogether, and you close your mind tight.

At some point in the future, you may desire something deeply. Now, your mind fills with the hope that maybe the Law of Attraction will work this time. Maybe you will actually get what you want again. If you have enough hope, it will keep you curious enough to keep your mind open enough to make it happen. If you do not, you will remain doubtful enough that your mind never truly opens to the possibilities.

As a result, nothing happens

Many people continue to flip flop between these experiences of having enough hope and curiosity to not having enough, resulting in a feast and famine experience. Sometimes the Law of Attraction works for you. Sometimes it does not.

The key difference here between what is working and what is not working is how much you are actually keeping your mind open to making it work. So, if you want to switch away from the reality of feast and famine, you need to begin learning about how you can keep an open mind. You need to discover ways that you can stay curious, hopeful, and wondering. You need to stay interested, activated, and engaged in the process.

This is why many Law of Attraction gurus say that you need to stay committed no matter what. Because it is always the ones who remain committed, who are capable of really holding onto enough hope and curiosity, to remain open-minded. Another message that speaks directly to this open-mindedness is staying committed to finding a way. In psychology, they call it “solution-oriented.”