Understanding the Law of Attraction and how it effects you

The word manifest has a super-human or magical connotation, so it seems kind of hard to believe for the average human heart and mind, especially after a life of implanted beliefs, judgments and shame regarding self, others, and the world. The word money also seems to have a type of super-human or super-lucky connotation. It also brings with it a feeling of difficulty or sacrifice. With understanding these learned beliefs leading to feelings are not truth but only the way another man has believed and taught, then can one imagine what to them…was always unimaginable. People are constantly implanting their own ideas and fears into others, and people are constantly allowing these implantations without regard to their own preferences regarding how to view creating, or manifesting.

Manifesting money is a phrase that will turn on one’s deepest beliefs regarding magic, ability, reality, reason, and worthiness. If one believes the only way to be secure financially is to have a job with a big company, offering benefits and a retirement plan, they will have a very hard time imagining another, preferable way, of working for them. They believe what they believe. What we can fathom, is what we can manifest. This is exactly why creating money or manifesting money into our lives seems to be the hardest thing ever.

Step 1: What exactly are your beliefs regarding money?

The first step when choosing to consciously create or manifest money into your life would be to listen to your beliefs regarding money. Do you believe there is not enough in the world available? Are all the good opportunities taken? Do you deserve to have money without breaking your back for it? Do you think that would make you selfish? Do you think having money would scare you? Do you think you would feel lonely? Do you think someone like you has his lot in life and you should be grateful for what you have? Do you think money is hard to get? You will have to listen to yourself when learning to manifest money into your experience, you must know all your own beliefs, then alter them consciously. Notice you feel unworthy or unlucky. Notice yourself and your own blockers to abundance.

Step 2: Start replacing your old beliefs

The next step is to learn to alter your inner beliefs regarding money, self, and the world one at a time. You can do this simply by catching yourself believing something you choose not to believe. I never have enough. Oh, I heard myself say that now I know to gently tell myself, that is not true. I always have enough. Then you will have to find a few times in your memory when you thought you were a goner. But there was enough, somehow. Put your attention on all the time there was enough, you were ok. Remember manifesting money or manifesting anything is about awareness. What we are aware of is what is true.

Step 3: Start imaging your life the way you want it to be

And on to step three, imagine the unimaginable as though it was. Feel the feeling of abundance, be grateful for it before you see it, and believe you have created it. Then rest in knowing all will happen just as it should without the need for our attachment to anything. We are not attached to winning a lottery or a certain business or opportunity, job, or person. We are simply attached to the fact that we, with our choice, awareness, and attention have manifested abundance.

Manifesting money is about awareness of limiting beliefs, changing those beliefs, and putting our awareness on abundant beliefs without attachment to anything.